What did we learn from the GCFF Virtual Conference – Profiting from the Metals Bull Market.

Published on: October 8, 2020

On October 7 and 8, we held the GCFF Virtual Conference – Profiting from the Metals Bull Market.  We had over almost two dozen presentations, including notable keynote speaker, John Ing, President and CEO of Maison Placements Inc., Gwen Preston and David Morgan, who gave our audiences deep analysis on the gold and precious metals markets, particularly in light of the continued stimulus being provided by governments.

We also had a panel discussion with experts on the battery metals market, including Jay Chmelauskas, CEO of Camino Corp. (TSXV: COR, OTCQB: CAMZF), Chris Berry from House Mountain Partners and Jon Hykawy, President of Stormcrow Capital Limited.  During the panel, our experts discussed the future of battery technology and its effect on demand for copper, lithium, cobalt and graphite.  They also discussed the effects of potential government intervention in these strategic materials.

Lastly, our presenting companies provided insight on numerous topics, for example, silver mining in Peru, precious metals exploration in Mexico, as well as developing exciting new projects in Canada and the US.

We also had coverage of battery materials like vanadium, copper, graphite, and lithium that will grow as governments around the world seek to electrify their economies.

Key lessons learned:

  • Valuations of exploration mining companies in the gold, silver and precious metals markets will continue to grow as COVID-19 stimulus does not have a clear end in sight.

  • The large number of good mining jurisdictions around the world are great for investors to diversify the political risk profiles in their mining portfolio.  Countries like Peru, Mexico, Canada, Ecuador and the US are all home to promising mining projects.

  • Mining companies, whether they be exploration or producing mines, can be bought now as reasonable valuations.

Keep an eye on our Youtube page to see our conference videos as they are uploaded over the next week.

Our Participating companies included:

Lomiko Metals Inc.(TSXV: LMR, OTC: LMRMF

Granada Gold Mine Inc.(TSXV: GGM)

Blackstone Minerals Ltd.(ASX: BSX)

Victoria Gold Corp.(TSX: VGCX)

Novo Resources Corp.(TSXV: NVO, OTCQX: NSRPF


Panoro Minerals Ltd.(TSXV: PML, OTC: POROF

Vizsla Resources Corp.(TSXV: VZLA, OTCQB: VIZSF

First Vanadium Corp.(TSXV: FVAN, OTCQX: FVANF

Lumina Gold Corp(TSXV: LUM, OTCQX: LMGDF

Galane Gold Ltd.(TSXV: GG, OTCQB: GGGOF

Blackrock Gold Corp.(TSXV: BRC, OTC: BKRRF

Brigadier Gold Ltd.(TSXV: BRG)

Golden Tag Resources Ltd.(TSXV: GOG, OTC: GTAGF


Group Ten Metals Inc.(TSXV: PGE, US OTC: PGEZF

Metallic Minerals Corp.(TSXV: MMG, US OTC: MMNGF

Summa Silver Corp.(CSE: SSVR)OTCQB: SSVRF

Our next event will be held on November 5th and is entitled “Diversified Investment Strategies”.  We will cover many different sectors including tech, clean energy, healthcare, cannabis, and many other sectors.

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