PDAC 2022 in Toronto – Life After COVID for the World’s Premier Mining Conference

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Published on: June 27, 2022
Author: Gilbert Chan

Mar 4, 2020.  That’s the last time I was on a plane, when I was the only one wearing a face mask, whom I may look like an alien to most passengers.  Fast forward to Jun 11, 2022, it is my first time back in Toronto since the pandemic, since forever.  This time when we are flying, all passengers must wear face masks, period.  How much things have changed.  It’s naïve to think that life will be back to perfectly normal any time soon, COVID has changed our lives more than just wearing face masks.  It changed the investment world, and of course also for Mining. 

Wonderful sanitizer given out to each attendee by the sponsor

I am back to the PDAC Convention, one of the world’s largest mining conferences for our latest coverage on interesting stories in the exploration and mining world.  It’s not business as usual, but it’s a time where we all come out to support the industry. I am all up for it.   

The market has seen major corrections this year.  Make no mistakes, when market tanks usually the smaller companies get liquidated faster than blue chip because many of these venture stocks are quite speculative and their true values have yet to be seen.  We all understand the investing pain at this moment.  Strong companies with no problem financing will stay strong but the ones who are just riding on the hot waves of commodities bull market only, will suffer a bit.  Not every company can be Filo Mining, who is the probable darling of the mining exploration since Great Bear Resources.  Everyone wants to become Filo, but not everyone can become Filo.

Setting things up, and be ready for the interviews

This year’s PDAC is a modified version with being only time served as hybrid mode: in-person & online event showcasing later on.  It’s great to catch up with friends and companies that I have not seen for some time, and glad we are able to be part of this show as an official media partner again.  

Coming across old friend, the well-respected Patricia Mohr

We have seen the popularity of Battery Metals trending for a few years and it shows in the event.  Uranium is also one of the few bright spots in the commodities market right now.  The war and skyrocketing energy prices only add fuel to the fire of what people believe our new world should rely on: Clean Energy.

Interview with Jeffrey Christian from CPM Group

I was on the exhibition floor a couple of times during the 3 days, and also attended a few commodities talks.  As expected the turnout was a bit smaller compared to 2020, but the passion was still there.  The enthusiasm was even more apparent with all the crowd rushing in during 9am peak time on Monday June 13.  I am not sure why people did not get their passes the day before with so much less traffic, probably due to their own logistics limitation.  However, I heard there are people that had to line up for over one hour to get in, imagine missing your favorite first talk of the day at 10am. I also did not see the BNN Live coverage station this year, definitely part of the sign of cost-cutting for the bigger media this time around.

Crowd rushing in on Monday morning

For the event itself, besides just getting back on track again, I have to say I am glad to see the strong presence of Zijin Mining.  They put on a strong showing with people at their booth showcasing excellent marketing materials.  A true sign of a Chinese mining giant having a real global reach and polished brand.  I hope more Chinese companies can follow the lead.

Zijin having a strong presence at the show

PDAC President Alex Christopher told me that they will go back to the usual time frame of early March to be hosting the convention again next year.  So that means they only have less than 9 months left to get organized.   I am quite excited to come back sooner than I thought, but on the other hand, I am also not looking forward to the brutal winter weather again in Toronto. 

Chatting with Alex Christopher, President of PDAC

I know, I know, being part of the Canadian culture, we are “True North Strong and Free”, I will be ready for the battle to cover some great stories and wonderful people again next year.  

    –  Gilbert Chan, NAI500

The videos of our interview at the PDAC conference are here! Click the video link below to learn more.

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