Analyst says lithium stocks remain attractive despite new developing technologies

US Analyst says Lithium stocks remain attractive despite new developing technologies;锂面临两大风险和一个巨大机遇
Published on: August 13, 2018
Author: Hans Stone

The Motley Fool, a Canadian and US stock analysis website just published an article about how new Smartphone Battery Technologies will affect the lithium mining stocks. The article’s title is What Will New Smartphone Batteries Mean for Mining Stocks?

Keypoints from this article:

  1. “The real pinching-off of lithium upside will occur when researchers make that breakthrough for more efficient, more stable rechargeable batteries.However, the good news for lithium fans is that any replacement will have compatibility issues: the electric vehicle revolution is happening now, meaning that by the time a hip, new non-lithium battery comes along, it won’t be easy to swap out the current batteries for the future ones.”
  2. “Some analysts are saying that the window of upside for lithium may be closing as researchers home in on a replacement metal for lithium. But the consensus in the industry seems to be that a viable, market-ready replacement for lithium-ion batteries could be as far away as 2028.”
  3. “Canadian investors looking to capitalize from a spike in lithium prices may want to buy domestic stocks in the grey stuff while they’re cheap; waiting until the rise begins is a popular and less-risky tactic, though doing so will rub out some of your profit margin.”

NAI500 has 2 Canadian lithium companies that are worth your time to review:

Rock Tech Lithium Inc. is a TSX Venture Exchange listed mineral exploration company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company is focused on acquiring and exploring properties in the field of lithium and other selected battery metals.

Redzone Resources Ltd. is a growth-oriented, Canadian exploration company with a focus on metals that make up the emerging battery supply chain, including Lithium, Copper, Vanadium and Cobalt. Redzone currently has an Arizona based Lithium exploration property and an advanced copper exploration in Peru. Redzone is listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange under the symbol “REZ-V” and Frankfurt: 3F2.F. Redzone is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and aims to create shareholder value through the acquisition, exploration, and development of profitable mineral properties, in a manner that is consistent with best practice in environmental stewardship, safety and stakeholder engagement.