Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (GCAC) was covered by WallStreetResearch.Org

Published on: May 3, 2021
Author: Caroline Kong

Global Cannabis Applications Corp. (CSE:APP OTC:FUAPF FSE:2FA) was covered by WallStreetResearch.Org early this month.  The report provides a summary of GCAC’s Efixii business as well as key conclusions on the industry and market outlook, and competition analysis for the cannabis industry SaaS and blockchain company.  WallStreet Research is a top ranked independent research firm with a history spanning over three decades. WSR provides the global investment community with independent analyst research reports, corporate profiles and newsletters of selected quality emerging growth companies.

Download the full report here.

Key findings from WallStreet Research’s Report on GCAC (CSE:APP)

  • GCAC’s main competitive advantage is the fact that their platform not only includes seed-to-sale management, but also reverse sale-to-seed tracing, allowing for end-customers’ efficacy feedback information to be tied to supply chain management activities.
  • In comparison, the competition solutions seem to be non-comprehensive, providing only partial functionality and limited sources of data. Other systems that utilize blockchain within the cannabis industry also include online marketplaces, brand-to-customer marketing software, and other solutions that are often more narrow in scope.
  • “In recent months, GCAC has established a foothold in the Israeli and E.U. markets with vast expansion potential. The relationship with Bless Cultivation Ltd. originated last year, albeit nominal in production throughput, yielded immediate positive feedback from the Israeli regulator regarding the use of Efixii as a compliance tool, which generates significant interest among growers as a way to reduce the cost of production and export compliance, and serve as complementary technology for enhanced customer consumption monitoring required by Israeli law.”
  • “Provided that the management can secure adequate additional financing and execute its product roll-out strategy, GCAC is poised to meaningfully grow its revenues within the next 18 months, which given its high margins could lead to profitability before the end of 2022.”

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