The World is Entering a Wild Energy Storage Expansion in 2022, Where Does EV Battery Tech Fit In?

全球将在 2022 年进入疯狂的储能扩张期,EV Battery Tech如何抓住商机?
Published on: January 11, 2022
Author: NAI500

Energy Storage Expansion to Surge in 2022

The renewable energy storage expansion will reach new levels in 2022 as countries prepare for the inevitable phase-out of fossil fuels. And energy storage systems (ESSs) will be a critical factor in the widespread integration of renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, into existing power grid systems.

1. World’s Biggest Solar-Charged Battery Storage System Unveiled in Florida

Energy storage expansion is well underway in Florida. Florida Power & Light (FPL) has just wrapped up construction on a massive 409MW / 900MWh BESS (battery energy storage system) at the Manatee Energy Storage Center in Manatee County, FL.

The new BESS is currently the world’s most extensive energy storage system paired with solar PV, with a total of 132 battery containers on a 40-acre plot. The system will enable huge amounts of solar energy collected during off-peak periods to be discharged through the local grid during peak periods when power is more expensive and more carbon-intensive.

2. Netherlands Will Install Country’s Largest Energy Storage System

With a new energy expansion project, the Netherlands is taking significant strides to help reach its ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030 and 95% by 2050.

December 20, 2021, global technology group Wärtsilä announced that it would be supplying GIGA Storage BV, a Netherlands-based energy storage company, with what will be the country’s largest BESS to date.

The massive 25-MW/48-MWh storage system will help relieve pressure from power grids challenged by the growth of renewable energy in the region. Officials estimate that the Netherlands will need between 29 and 54 GW of energy storage capacity by 2050 to help ensure the stability of a renewables-heavy power grid.

3. France’s Largest Battery Storage Facility Expanded To 61MW / 61MWH As Second Phase Completed

France is doubling down on energy storage with a second installation at the TotalEnergies’ battery energy storage facility in Dunkirk, northern France.

The existing BESS was already the largest of its kind in the country, but with phase two now completed, capacity and output have reached an impressive 61MW / 61MWh.

Where Does EV Battery Tech Fit in This Energy Storage Expansion?

EV Battery Technology Inc. (CSE:ACDC) made some big moves during the last quarter of Q1, and 2022 could potentially be an even more successful year for the blockchain battery tech company. Pre-sale orders of the company’s IONiX Pro quickly sold out, it unveiled its first custom battery system, and a large-scale crypto project was acquired.

IONiX Pro Home SmartWall – SOLD OUT

Eagar customers were quick to scoop up all available pre-sale orders for the IONiX Pro SmartWall in a better-than-expected showing. Due to global supply constraints, pre-sales were limited to 1,000 units, but strong demand could be good news for the year ahead.

The SmartWall incorporates EV Battery Tech’s patented BMS, an innovative technology that enables users to monitor and maintain their home energy storage system remotely, improving function, efficiency, and battery lifespan. These one-off performance-enhancing features are expected to give the SmartWall an edge over competitors in the market. A single SmartWall has a 15kW capacity, but units can be combined, allowing consumers to increase capacity up to 150kW.

Signed Sales, Distribution and Service Agreement

A recently signed sales, distribution, and service agreement for the IONiX Pro SmartWall with LEV maker Daymak will likely boost both exposure and demand for the SmartWall.

EV Battery Tech and Daymak will work collectively to market and sell the SmartWall, utilizing Daymak’s well-established network of dealers, retail outlets, and sales and marketing teams.

Blockchain and Crypto Developments

EV Battery Tech is banking on mounting public interest in the crypto-space with a series of crypto investments.

The company recently disclosed an early-stage investment in the Renewable Obligation Base energy economy. The ROBe2 Protocol is the first-ever cryptocurrency to be minted through patent-pending, carbon-negative “Proof of Renewable” mining protocol requiring the creation of renewable energy.

In October 2021, EV Battery Tech acquired CryptoPlug Technologies Inc, a blockchain technology company developing a crypto-compatible smartphone app. The CryptoPlug App will be combined with the company’s existing SmartCommand app, enabling EV drivers to connect with nearby EV charging infrastructure and pay for the charge with cryptocurrency.

Continuing with its crypto initiative, EV Battery Tech announced in November that it had acquired Optimal CP Inc., a company focused on developing and managing crypto mining facilities. Plans are already in place for a 1,000 ASIC miner facility to be built in Western Canada.

“We finished 2021 very strong, with better-than-expected SmartWall pre-sale orders, significant blockchain and crypto developments and further collaborations with our partner Daymak, which unveiled its first Spiritus showcasing a custom IONiX Pro battery system,” said EV Battery Tech CEO Bryson Goodwin.

“We kick off 2022 working hard to deliver SmartWalls and building up our first crypto mining facility. We are all confident and believe 2022 will be another year of tremendous growth.”

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