BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Signs Client Agreement with SBI BITS, a Subsidiary of Japan’s SBI Holdings, Inc.

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Published on: Feb 20, 2019

Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – February 20, 2019) – BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc. (CSE: BIGG) (OTC: BBKCF) (WKN: A2JSKG) (“BIG” or “the Company”) – a leading developer and provider of cryptocurrency risk-scoring and data analytics tools, training and investigation services – is pleased to announce the Company has signed a multi-service client agreement (the “Agreement”) with SBI BITS, a subsidiary of SBI Holdings, Inc. (“SBI”), for the use of BIG’s BitRank Verified® transaction risk-scoring service and QLUETM cryptocurrency forensic investigation platform service supporting Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Agreement marks the culmination of collaborative efforts between the parties, SBI BITS testing of BIG’s services and reviewing of data sets, algorithms and on and off chain information unique to BIG that sets it apart from its competitors. With BIG’s suite of compliance solutions, SBI is able to execute regulatory compliance for its VCTRADE cryptocurrency trading platform.

SBI has integrated BIG’s BitRank Verified® transaction risk-scoring service into its VCTRADE platform, providing additional AML checks to its rapidly growing client base.

SBI will also use BIG’s QLUETM cryptocurrency investigation platform service in its forensic investigations into Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions.

The initial, one year contract for the use of BIG’s BitRank Verified® transaction risk-scoring service and the QLUETMcryptocurrency investigation platform service will result in estimated revenues of USD $30,000 to BIG.

Based upon the calibre of the customer and with the view of forging a long-term relationship, BIG is working closely with SBI VC to support their growing list of product offerings.

At SBI’s request, BIG is reviewing expansion of its services to support XRP, as BIG sees the growing strategic importance of XRP in the cryptocurrency environment. In addition, BIG is looking to incorporate support for both Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

BIG’s services will enable SBI to:

  • reduce risk related to cryptocurrency transactions;
  • increase confidence in meeting regulatory compliance;
  • mitigate risk by using BIG’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) detection algorithms;
  • deliver transparency regarding the legitimacy of transactions;
  • create a deterrence against criminal elements that could engage in illicit activity;
  • provide assurance to their customers that controls are in place to monitor and mitigate for illicit activity; and,
  • investigate suspicious activity.

“We’re very excited to count SBI Bits among our clients,” said BIG CEO, Lance Morginn. SBI group has been consistently applying leading-edge technologies  such as BIG’s BitRank Verified® and QLUETM services – to SBI’s financial businesses to enhance their competitiveness and quality of service, resulting in efficiency improvements and the expansion of their services. BIG’s services will help SBI: deal with cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency transactions with greater transparency and security; in meeting increasingly demanding compliance regulations; engage in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) detection efforts; and perform forensic investigations. We’re looking forward to working closely with the world-class team at SBI to bring greater security and accountability to their cryptocurrency-related ventures.”

SBI Holding’s President and CEO, Yoshitaka Kitao, commented: “It is good to have BIG’s services integrated into our businesses. Since our founding, we have achieved continual growth by aggressively utilizing new technologies. Today, we’re on the threshold of a new phase of growth driven by the emergence of next-generation technologies such as blockchain, distributed ledger technology (DLT), AI and big data. In the case of our VCTRADE cryptocurrency trading service, given the compelling size of our existing customer base, we believe that we will quickly emerge as the industry leader, which is why it is important to have BIG’s services in place. We look forward to all the ways we can benefit from BIG’s services as we move forward.”

On behalf of the Board,

Lance Morginn
Chief Executive Officer

About SBI Holdings, Inc.

SBI Holdings is a comprehensive Internet financial services pioneer established in Japan in 1999. The company has over 6,000 employees, trades on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange at a market cap of ~$4.5B USD, and is focused on further growth and overseas expansion. SBI established the world’s first Internet-based financial ecosystem in 2016 to undertake a broad range of financial services, including securities, banking and insurance. SBI was also an early pioneer in the field of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, and has created “The Japan Bank Consortium” with the participation of megabanks and regional banks representing approximately 80% of the total outstanding deposits in Japan.

Highlights from SBI’s 2018 annual report include:

  • 2018 revenue of $3.1B USD, up 28.7% from 2017
  • 2018 profit before income tax expense of $661M USD, up 66.6% from 2017
  • Investment of $373M USD in 67 FinTech startup companies by SBI Group including the FinTech Fund
  • AI & Blockchain Fund committed to invest $80M USD in 22 companies
  • Owns ~10% of US-based Ripple, which is leading the development of the third-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, XRP, which services the banking and financial sector regarding global financial transactions
  • Launched the VCTRADE cryptocurrency spot trading service with 20,000+ customers registered in advance to open accounts

About BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc.

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc. (BIG) brings security and accountability to the new era of cryptocurrency. BIG has developed from the ground up a Blockchain-agnostic search and analytics engine, QLUETM, enabling Law Enforcement, RegTech, Regulators and Government Agencies to visually trace, track and monitor cryptocurrency transactions at a forensic level. Our commercial product, BitRank Verified®, offers a “risk score” for cryptocurrency, enabling RegTech, banks, ATMs, exchanges, and retailers to meet traditional regulatory/compliance requirements. Our Forensic Services Division brings our team of investigative experts into action for cryptocurrency investigations that require in-depth expertise and experience, either in conjunction with or supplemental to our user-friendly search, risk-scoring and data analytics tools. Based on industry demand, we created our Cryptocurrency Training Academy ( to help Law Enforcement, the Financial Sector and Regulators learn how to bring security and accountability to cryptocurrency; our Cryptocurrency Investigator Certification Course is a one-stop solution to understanding the world of cryptocurrency, how to reduce associated risk, and investigate cryptocurrency crime.

About BitRank Verified®

BIG developed BitRank Verified® to be the industry gold standard in ranking and verifying cryptocurrency transactions. BitRank Verified® offers the financial world a simple risk score, enabling consumer-facing bank tellers, exchanges, eCommerce sites and retailers to know whether a proposed transaction is safe to accept, questionable, or should be denied. BitRank Verified® and its API are custom tailored to provide the RegTech sector with a reliable tool for meeting their regulatory requirements while mitigating the risk of money laundering or other criminal activities.


QLUE™ (Qualitative Law Enforcement Unified Edge) enables Law Enforcement, RegTech, Regulators and Government Agencies to literally “follow the virtual money”. QLUE™ incorporates advanced techniques and unique search algorithms to detect suspicious activity within cryptocurrency transactions (Bitcoin, Ethereum), enabling investigators to quickly and visually trace, track and monitor transactions in their fight against terrorist financing, human trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, child pornography, corruption, bribery, money laundering, and other cyber crimes.

About Our Expert Training

We offer custom on-site and 24/7 online training, enabling Law Enforcement, the Financial Sector and Regulators to understand cryptocurrency risk and successfully investigate suspicious activity. Our in-person, on-site training solutions are designed to fit our clients’ scheduling, location and learning needs. Through our online Cryptocurrency Training Academy (, clients can take our Cryptocurrency Investigator Certification Course to earn their Certified Cryptocurrency Investigator credential from BIG to validate their new knowledge.

About Our Forensic Services Division

Our Forensic Services Division provides Law Enforcement, Financial institutions and Regulators with expert support to help trace, track and monitor illicit activity involving cryptocurrencies. Our services range from quick and simple due diligence case reviews, to providing in-depth forensic support for ongoing investigations, and providing expert witness testimony from unbiased third-party investigators.

BIG Investor Relations
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