I-Mab to Test its CD73 Antibody in Combination with Junshi’s PD-1 mAb

I-Mab Biopharma of Shanghai will collaborate with Junshi Biosciences to test I-Mab’s CD73 antibody in combination with Junshi’s Tuoyi, the company China-approved PD-1 mAb. The trial will enroll patients with various solid tumor cancers. CD73, a surface enzyme on stromal and cancer cells, is responsible for producing adenosine, which is highly immunosuppressive. Earlier this year, I-Mab partnered with Roche to conduct a similar US trial. The US trial combines TJD5, I-Mab’s CD73 antibody, with Roche’s PD-1, Tencentriq®. I-Mab believes TJD5 has best-in-class potential.

Source: China Biotoday

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