Acquiring & Exploring in Ghana and Ontario, Canada – Pelangio Exploration PDAC2022

Pelangio Exploration
Published on: July 5, 2022
Author: Editor

Ms. Ingrid Hibbard is the Director, President, and CEO of Pelangio Exploration (TSXV: PX). In this Video, Ms. Hibbard introduces a couple of their projects, including Gowan, Birch Lake, Manfo and so on, in Canada and Ghana. Ms. Hibbard believes that Pelangio has a strong management team with lawyers and geologists. Therefore, the company is dramatically undervalued at this point. For further information regarding investment opportunities in North America, please subscribe to our channel right now!

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Pelangio Exploration is a mineral exploration company currently developing the value of its gold exploration and resource projects located in Ghana and Ontario, Canada. The Company operates with a strategy designed to capitalize upon property acquisition opportunities arising during bear markets that are positioned for the bull market’s wealth creation.

The Company’s exploration properties are leveraged by a project generator model which aides the Company in sustaining the costs associated with geological study, corporate governance, and exploration field work.

NAI500 covered the leading mining opportunities at this year’s PDAC, the world’s largest annual mining conference, to find the most interesting opportunities for investors.

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