EVs will dominate by 2033. These are the metals you should look at next!

Published on: September 2, 2021
Author: Editor

According to a new study released by consulting firm Ernst & Young – Electric vehicles (EVs) will make up more than half of auto sales worldwide by 2033. Europe will go first, EY says. “The latest predictions show that by 2028 EV sales in Europe will surpass those of other powertrains, a trend that will be repeated in China by 2033 and in the U.S. by 2036.” (source)

It’s not surprising to see the electric vehicle rolling out on every news headline. But investors are more eager to know where this trend is leading to.

Which metals should they pay attention to? What stocks can they invest in?

Among the metals that are used in electric vehicle batteries, nickel and aluminum are expected to grow 14 times in demand; copper and graphite are expected to grow 10 times while lithium to grow 9 times, based on a Bloomberg NEF’s analysis.

Battery Boost Chart

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