Warren Buffett’s Betting Big on EV Battery Technology

Published on: Sep 1, 2021
Author: NAI500

When Warren Buffett makes a bet, investors pay attention. Regarded as one of the most successful investors of all time, Buffett is deliberate in his stock picks and patient with this strategy, holding investments until just the right time before cashing in.

And right now, Buffett is betting on electric vehicles.

Warren Buffett’s Bet on China’s BYD Looks Like It’s Paying Off

Back in 2008, Berkshire Hathaway took a 10% equity position in Chinese automotive battery and car manufacturer BYD Co. Ltd.

Since then, Buffett’s stake in the company has grown to over 22%, a position that has paid off in spades for the Oracle of Omaha. This year BYD’s (OTC: BYDDF) share price has surged 30% to 33.60 as of the time of publishing, giving the Hong Kong-based company a market cap just shy of US$119 billion.

It’s all about Technology

So how is BYD different from the rest of the booming EV universe?

Buffett’s investing strategy is all about the company, or in this case, the technology. He has famously stated that he doesn’t pay attention to media hype or current events when evaluating his investment prospects, preferring instead to make calculated decisions based on a company’s intrinsic value.

BYD is not just another EV company. While other big-name auto manufacturers work on creating EV lines based on existing technology, BYD is reinventing the wheel, honing in on one of the most crucial – and expensive – EV components, the battery.

Wang Chuanfu, the chemist and researcher behind BYD, has been working tirelessly on perfecting affordable, lightweight lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries.

So, while their electric vehicles don’t offer the tech features or design appeal of some other EV options, it was the technology – and the potential for that technology – that drove Buffett to BYD. And today, the company captures more of the EV market share in mainland China than any of its competitors.

EV Battery Tech: The Next Company Likely to Revolutionize EV Battery Technology

When it comes to EV battery technology, Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (CSE: ACDC) could be the next big breakthrough company.

One of the biggest problems with current EV battery technology is battery lifespan. EV Battery Tech addresses EV battery efficiency and longevity with its patented Battery Management System (BMS). Incorporating blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven algorithms, EV Battery Tech’s BMS allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of battery performance and remote maintenance capabilities – something no other battery on the market is currently capable of.

The result of this technology has been a game-changing improvement in battery life expectancy and battery efficiency.

And what’s more, the uses of this revolutionary technology extend beyond EV batteries.

EV Battery Tech’s patented BMS technology is being used to meet the demands of the rapidly growing Energy Storage Solution (ESS) market with the launch of the IoniX. This product line offers AI-controlled BMS ESSs for residential, portable, industrial, and commercial use.

The company also recently launched its own EV “smart charger.” Incorporating EV Battery Tech’s cutting-edge technology, the EV Smart Charger is a striking improvement over current EV charging technology.

Blockchain-enabled financial controls help ensure that all EV Battery Tech’s BMS, EV, ESS and “smart” charging applications have the most secure transactional abilities, enabling them to meet Tokenized Carbon Credit (TCC) requirements. Blockchain smart grid integration is already factored into product development.

The company has also committed to helping support sustainably by using its technology to develop battery recycling solutions that will help keep EV batteries out of landfills.

Introducing the Trilogy

Adding further to its growing line of clean energy solutions, the company recently unveiled an IoniX Pro Trilogy Vision EV lineup. Developed in collaboration with EV maker Daymak, the new three-wheeled EV is expected to combine Daymak’s best-selling powertrain with EV Battery Tech’s battery technology. The result might very well be one of the safest, most dynamic, eco-friendly EVs on the market. The anticipated delivery for the Trilogy is in 2023.

Coming to an Automall Near You

In July, EV Battery Tech announced that it had entered into an exclusive agreement with Glenhalla Estates Ltd. to provide its IoniX Pro EV Smart Chargers for an upcoming Automall development in BC. The development will include ten car dealerships, with room for future expansion, and a flagship hotel. Each dealership will require two EV Smart Chargers, while the hotel will need a minimum of six.

Currently, discussions are also underway with hotel operators who have expressed interest in the IoniX Pro TITAN EnergyCore storage system.

Future Proof Payment Solutions

Leveraging their technical expertise in the area, EV Battery Tech has signalled that they intend to develop a blockchain-based payment option for its EV Smart Charger Lineup.

“Our goal is to provide consumers convenience and access to EV charging infrastructure on par with that of modern-day gasoline service stations. Our software and hardware development teams have been closely monitoring the EV market’s needs and we plan to meet those needs through technology and superior product development,” said EV Battery Tech CEO Bryson Goodwin.

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